Who We Are

Thrasker is composed of engineers that use the newest and most innovative techniques for website development and marketing. Thrasker's Goal is to provide a VALUE product and partnership in helping our customers maximize their market presence. We will treat every customer with Positivity in providing Quality and Excellence towards individual product development. The partnership with our customer will flourish by building Trust through Delivery on each and every promise.

Michael Georgievski

Founder & CEO

Michael has been developing websites since he was 10 years old. He is fluent in 9 different programming languages and has earned a bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida.


Steven Sparks


Steve brings a wealth of business experience to the Thrasker Team. With a portfolio that includes large corporations such as IKEA and Hess Oil, to medium and small sized companies, Steve provides the organizational backbone of Thrasker. Trust and Delivery is not an option, it is a guarantee.

Ryan Dawson

Vice President of Sales

As the Vice President of Sales, Ryan Dawson is responsible for driving revenue through long term B2B partnerships. With a degree in Marketing and Professional Sales from Florida State University, Ryan not only has a successful track record in selling but also brings a natural collegiate rivalry to the team between FSU and UF. Go Noles!


Samantha Sparks

Director of Marketing and SMM

Samantha is in charge of all Marketing and Social Media Management campaigns. She works with our clients on branding, logo and graphic design to best showcase their vision. Samantha’s experience with the creative process and its impact on achieving maximum marketing and social media results is a critical part of the overall services provided by Thrasker.

Reese Van Atta

Lead Software Engineer

Reese has earned a mathematic degree from the University of Florida and is fluent in several programming languages. He loves to do things manually and everything has to be fast.



Lead Designer

Kim is our lead designer and is in charge of making sure everything looks professional. She will be in charge of assisting Michael in the design of graphics and the overall web design.


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